Fear not. This is not one of those endless web pages promising you 4 million dollars tomorrow if you utilize our coaching services. There will be no upsell to a $20,000 mastermind program for the privilege of hearing Jen say repeatedly “you go, girl.”

Jen has built a solid reputation by simply delivering straight talk, clarity and action planning in whatever dose you need it. After 20 years in business, she knows an experienced, third-party perspective can help create prosperous action with everything from start-up hurdles to attracting a new job offer to setting new ground rules on the home front.

Not sure what to do next? How to build it? What needs to shift? How to communicate more effectively? Jen has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and other earthlings get to the other side, and she’s looking forward to doing the same for you.


Questions? Contact us. More coaching options? Check these out:



Don’t need an entire two-hour strategy session? For any smaller hurdle causing a big picture problem, schedule your Power Half-Hour to target whatever is getting in the way of the results you know you can achieve.

Not sure how to enforce your billing policies? Wondering how to find and interview the best web designer? Need to rein a client in? Looking for a professional, effective exit strategy? Whatever the issue, we’ll nail down an effective solution and the how-to’s of implementing it.




This two-hour power session serves professionals who don’t need an ongoing coaching relationship, but rather a two-hour power session to brainstorm business launching concerns, marketing/PR how-to’s, or any virtual/traditional business challenges.

This session is targeted at whatever your current needs entail, from critiquing and revising your web site, to revamping your marketing plan, to creating powerful testimonial and referral programs, and innumerable other business launch, growth and management hurdles.




You get your car’s oil changed every three thousand miles. You wash it. You have the tires rotated. When you don’t perform vehicle maintenance, your car doesn’t run as it should, and will probably break down long before its time. And, so it is with maintenance for your business.

Our coaching programs are tailored to meet your specific goals, with detailed action plans and ongoing support, at whatever intervals work for you (weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly).

Pricing upon request.