A contributing author to women’s business books over the years, including Inspirations to Realizations, Volume 3, about living “In Business & In Balance™,” Jennifer’s breakout solo title, The Home Office Parent: How to Raise Kids & Profits under One Roof, was published to rave reviews. Upon release, it was ranked by The Wall Street Journal’s Small Business Guidebook as the #1 home office professional resource, and by as one of its Top 10 Hot New Releases.

To support readers in customizing the concepts of the book to their own businesses and lives, Jennifer developed The Home Office Parent: A Reader’s Companion. In this enhanced CD, you’ll find Jennifer’s Top 10 Secrets for Home Office Success, but also a downloadable coaching exercise for each secret to help you apply these success principles instantly.

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Most books written by home office parents aren’t FOR home office parents. Sure, you catch a glimpse of their struggles as they wipe away peanut butter puke from their keyboard while typing the next line. You get a vague sense of their concurrent chaos, but you never get the full-blown picture or a recipe for how they overcome their condition to move beyond survival to sustainable success. Lucky for us, Jennifer Kalita does.


WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT: As Jennifer Kalita tells us, The Home Office Parent is about what to do when books on how to set up a successful home business and books on good parenting collide. This book puts them together successfully. It is a road-map. a guide, and a best friend on how to succeed in parenting while running a home office.


Jennifer Kalita truly delivers in her easy-to-read, insightful, informative and funny book. If you work at home with your kids under foot, Jennifer will show you the way to keep your sanity (and your clients). This quick-read gives you tangible strategies to implement right away… and will also make you laugh at loud. It’s as if she sat in my home for a week and wrote the book especially for me. I know you’ll feel the same way, too.


Jennifer Kalita has a handle on business, motherhood, and marriage that many women want but cannot seem to grasp. It is not impossible! This author is no mystic; she understands the harsh realities and the blessings in life. This book is a personal testimony and open discussion with the reader. You’d be remiss not pick up and read this truly helpful and encouraging book!

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