I did a lot of healthy things today. I started the day off with an early church service, and then a short volunteer stint for the church afterward. I knocked some errands off of my to-do list. I checked my sugars and regulated my insulin. I exercised. I had a glass of wine and a great conversation with a friend.

I taught my daughter more about what it means to take personal responsibility by encouraging her to be accountable for her less-than-stellar choices this afternoon (she was, and I couldn’t have been prouder of her courage to do the sometimes scary “right thing”). And I finished off the day with a warm and loving family dinner during which we all laughed as much as we ate. It was a “mind-body-spirit healthy” kind of day.

I promised myself I’d continue this wellness mindset by getting to bed by 9 pm so I could relax, read, and get a great night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the accountant needs some additional information that I have to prepare. I have a stack of paperwork from the school to get through about everything from field trips to volunteer commitments. I need to update the week’s calendar so that everyone from the spouse to the babysitter knows where they need to show up this week and what they need to do when they get there. I have about 45 “urgent” emails that impatiently await my response, and I haven’t checked my Facebook pages since last week. The laundry sits in a hallway basket, mocking me. And my husband, content with the Masters’ outcome, is snoring on the couch.

So here’s the healthy choice I’m going to make right now…I’m going to bed, dammit. The field trip paperwork will still be there tomorrow. We’ve had the same Monday schedule since September so I’m assuming everyone can handle the drill even if it’s not on the fridge. The accountant will likely not race to her computer at 9 am sharp to see what I have sent her, the emails can wait until Monday, and laundry is not dairy; it will not spoil if left out tonight.

Self-care starts with getting enough sleep. If I get enough sleep tonight, I’ll be more productive, less cranky, and more likely to exercise my body and my better habits tomorrow. So, at 9:20 pm, I encourage you to be accountable to your wellness by joining me in setting the to-dos aside and settling in for ample rest. Sweet dreams to us both.

PS – I’m 20 minutes late for everything anyway.

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