I’ve been threatening myself on and off for a while now that I would start this blog, but then I went and said I would – out loud, to another person – the other day, and even gave myself a start date of January 1st. So then it was out there…waiting to be accounted for.

I could have said “please pass me another Christmas cookie” or asked “where are those truffles anyway?” but before I knew what was happening, I heard myself saying “I wonder what it will feel like to be a healthy diabetic this time next year.” But I said it because subconsciously I knew it was time to stop putting everything else ahead of managing my diabetes. And as I contemplated what the sugar would do to my insides, I knew I couldn’t stand another year of flirting with health.

That’s one of my well worn expressions: “I flirt with health.” It’s right up there with “I don’t have time to be diabetic.” I make jokes and excuses frequently where my diabetes is concerned because it’s the least interesting thing about me and the thing I’m least interested in dealing with. I have a rewarding and successful business, an amazing husband, insightful and beautiful children, and fantastic friends. My schedule is packed with speaking engagements, kids’ activities, and interesting clients…too packed to test my sugars every 14 seconds and document every half cup of grapefruit I put in my mouth and stop important business meetings to say “Excuse me, can you hold on the details of that new rollout? I need to step out and eat peanut butter crackers now.”

But my schedule will only get more complicated when I can’t see it in my planner anymore. It will be hard to rush to business meetings when I’m down a foot. It will be more difficult to type my blog entries with advanced neuropathy. So, I’m putting action behind my intention to be a healthier diabetic mom by starting this blog. That’s the step I took today.

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