My Nerves Are Shot

Sometimes I hear myself using expressions I heard as a child growing up in my grandparents’ house. If I asked my grandfather to get overly excited about something that really mattered to me (like a new outfit) but that didn’t register for him at all, he’d see my frustrated face, laugh and exclaim “It’s nice! What do you want me to do? A dance?” and then he would hum a few bars and do a little jig.

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The Baked Potato or Me? Understanding the Enemy

We here in the Kalita household are on “summer break time.” That’s kind of like “island time,” when there is no schedule, you nap a lot and you eat when you feel like it. We do this simply to recuperate from the hectic last weeks of school, exam season, the innumerable end-of-year events (recitals, plays and the like), and the dreaded early morning drive to school. Oh, and because we’re tired. Really, really tired.

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The Secret to Better Diabetes Management (That You’re Probably Holding in Your Hand)

I don’t believe in doing things the hard way. I’m all about the EASY button. Does this make me lazy? Or efficient? You say tomato, I say tomaaaato. But we can all agree that effective disease management can only benefit from simplification.

There are non-techy ways to do this. Have a grocery list before you go to the store and stick with it, so you don’t end up at home with Jalapeno potato chips and the best deal on ice cream in town. I’ve heard that bad diabetics do that some times, but of course Sister Mary Good Choices over here wouldn’t dream of such behavior.

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Looking For the Leap

It’s a wonderful thing to watch the people you care about moving forward. One friend has left a bad marriage and is moving into her new home this week. Another began her next working chapter as a substitute teacher today. Yet another has finally booked the trip to Costa Rica that he’s been talking about for years.

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Just Call Me Agatha Christie

Imagine driving to a business meeting in New Jersey. Upon crossing over the state line, your gps informs you that your destination is approaching …somewhere within the state. Do you turn left or right?

Being diabetic and being suddenly, inexplicably ill has been a similar experience. About 4 weeks ago, my energy was completely zapped. If I emptied the dishwasher, I needed to lie down for two hours. If I drove into the city, I was too tired to work when I got there. My sugars were high for no apparent reason, so off I went to the doctor to find out what the problem was.

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Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

If I tell you I’m an Aquarius, you may recall hearing that Aquarians are known for being very social and great communicators. You may also recall hearing that they are typically, annoyingly indecisive. So, you know moving forward that you’ll have to pick the restaurant, but we’ll have a fabulous time when we get there.

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Blessings Management

Being a mom, I have a big list of things to do. Not really important, cancer-curing things, but things that nonetheless must be checked off of the family management list so that I can hold my head high in Safeway.

End-of-year teachers’ gifts must be thoughtfully contemplated and lovingly presented. The dog is overdue for annual shots. There are no potatoes in the house. Those kinds of things…the things all moms must manage.

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