The Burnout Blues: Why Working Yourself to Death Isn’t Going to Work

QUESTION: I am totally exhausted. I have been working harder than ever lately. I guess I have layoffs and fear about the economy in the back of my mind all the time, so I feel like I need to keep pushing harder every day. I’m now tired of working into the evenings and weekends, I… Read more »

Don’t Hit the Panic Button

QUESTION: This economy is unbelievable. I can’t get over the layoffs, the bailouts, and the overall insanity that unfolds every day in the news. As hard-working, bill-paying citizens, what can we be doing to protect ourselves from losing our jobs? Our homes? Our minds?

Realistic Resolutions

QUESTION: It’s that time of year again. I feel the need to commit to resolutions for the New Year, but wonder if I should bother when I look at all of the resolutions that never happened last year. What’s the key to setting resolutions that you can actually make happen?

Volunteering: Why Giving Until It Hurts Doesn’t Help Anybody

QUESTION: I’m frequently inspired to volunteer more, but the problem is that I never quite see it through, which leaves me feeling selfish and small. With an already hectic schedule, how can I find the time to be the volunteer I want to be? I want to help, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of… Read more »

Circling the Drain: What You & Oprah Have in Common

QUESTION: I find that lately I’m losing my grip on any kind of self-discipline. I’m eating more, exercising less, and fluctuating between intense spurts of hard work and periods where I just stare at my computer. It’s probably just the busy holiday season, right?

How to Avoid the Top Three Sins of the Season

QUESTION: It is only the first week of December and I am already overwhelmed with holiday to-do’s. My life is ridiculously hectic on any given Tuesday, so I’m at a loss as to how to manage my work and my life while still enjoying what is supposed to be a season of merriment. Any suggestions?

Balancing a Smartphone with a Smart Life

QUESTION: I’m contemplating getting a smartphone, but I’m concerned about being connected all the time. How do you balance the efficiency of a handheld device with having a life outside of it?

Work-Life Balance: Myth or Mastery?

QUESTION: The other night, a business coach at a networking meeting stood up and said “forget about striving for work-life balance because it doesn’t exist.” I aim for a balanced life, but most days I feel like I’m barely pulling it off. And while my office claims to have a work-life balance program, it’s basically… Read more »

When Your Networking is Not Working

QUESTION: My little sister says I need to network online. My mother says I’m too busy to socialize and to take networking meetings off my list. As an executive in my late thirties with two kids and a husband I’d like to see more of, can you tell me how to balance networking with an… Read more »