Making an Exit: Accepting Your Pink Slip with Class or Brass

QUESTION: Given that being laid off is a potential reality for not just me, but for most of your readers, what are your thoughts about how to leave a job appropriately? Where my current employer is concerned, is there anything I should be prepared to do, or not do, should my personal pink slip arrive?

Staying Civil with Sybil: Dealing with Difficult Personalities at Work

QUESTION: I’m a pretty even-keel person, but find the extreme personalities in my office a little bit much to deal with. At best, they’re irritating. At worst, they complicate the simplest of projects. From victims to martyrs to arrogant jerks, how are normal people supposed to work with these nightmares?

Knowledge is Power: Getting the Know-How You Need

QUESTION: I think if my employers were smart, they would encourage ongoing training programs to get the staff up to speed and keep them there. Even in a tight economy, don’t they realize that expanding team knowledge helps the company? There are so many training programs out there that would help me to do my… Read more »

Smart Socializing with Your Boss & Colleagues

QUESTION: My boss has invited me to a Superbowl party at his house, but my annual tradition, which I love, is to watch from home. Is there any way I can politely decline, or is something like this a “must go?” If I have to go, how much will I have to change my behavior?

A Part-Time Solution to a Full-Time Problem

QUESTION: I was downsized two months ago, and while initially upset, I came to appreciate the newfound time I had to get to take care of things around the house, exercise everyday and read the paper. I know I need to get back to work after the holidays, but how can I land a new… Read more »

When Worlds Collide: Achieving Home Office Productivity in the Family Home

QUESTION: My company has really embraced the cost-effectiveness of telecommuting, and I love now being able to work virtually in my jeans. My problem is that I’m easily distracted by things I need to do around the house, and my husband and kids really don’t understand that even though I’m at home, I’m still working…. Read more »

What’s Love Got to Do with It? -Placing a Value on Feeling Valued at Work-

QUESTION: My boss drives me nuts. As soon as I pull off a great win with a client, he says a quick “good job” and then promptly points out the 3 other things I need to get on top of. I knock myself out for months and forget what my partner looks like, but the… Read more »