Making an Exit: Accepting Your Pink Slip with Class or Brass

QUESTION: Given that being laid off is a potential reality for not just me, but for most of your readers, what are your thoughts about how to leave a job appropriately? Where my current employer is concerned, is there anything I should be prepared to do, or not do, should my personal pink slip arrive?

You’ve Got It, So Use It: Putting Your Performance History to Work in a Job Search

QUESTION: Six more people in my office were let go this week and I may or may not be next. I am well-regarded in my office and frequently receive compliments on my work, but nobody’s safe these days. Like most people, I’m trying to punch up my resume in case I need it. I have… Read more »

Landing the Interview is Not the End, It’s the Beginning: How to Prep Yourself for Face to Face Success

QUESTION: I have some new job interviews coming up, and with so many people out of work, I know I’m probably competing with a lot more candidates than before. How can I be sure to make a great first impression, stand out from the crowd, and increase my chances of landing the job?

Setting Your Sails Smartly: How to Relocate Your Work without Ruining Your Life

QUESTION: I am considering relocating back to Baltimore. I’ve been in Miami for three years and I’m over it. My job here is fine, but there’s really no growth potential. My mom is not in the best of health and I’d like to move back home to help her out, and to be closer to… Read more »

Just Say No to Job-Hopping: How to Craft a Stick-to-it Strategy That Sticks

QUESTION: I’ve had several jobs over the last ten years in the sales field, but none of them ever seemed to stick. Sometimes I get fired and sometimes I leave, but either way these jobs never last. I’m tired of moving from one job to the next, and would like to find something I like… Read more »

Job Search Success: A How-to Guide

QUESTION: I’m writing on behalf of my sister who is unbelievably unhappy and stressed out. The problem is not that she hates her job; it’s that she can’t seem to find a better one. She has sent her resume to several businesses and they never call for an interview. She has been job searching for… Read more »

A Part-Time Solution to a Full-Time Problem

QUESTION: I was downsized two months ago, and while initially upset, I came to appreciate the newfound time I had to get to take care of things around the house, exercise everyday and read the paper. I know I need to get back to work after the holidays, but how can I land a new… Read more »

Job Hunting During the Holidays: Ho Ho Ho or Heck, No?

QUESTION: I’m ready to move on from my current job. With the holiday season having begun though, I assume it’s probably about the worst time to look for a new job. Should I wait until everyone gets back in the game in January so that my resume doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle?

Heavy Travel Job Opportunity Meets Family of Four: Can it Work?

QUESTION: I’m looking at a new job opportunity that has a pretty hefty travel commitment. I didn’t travel after I had my kids, but now that they’re both in school it should be fine. I love to travel, and I figure the family can even come along sometimes. My husband is on board with the… Read more »

Decisions, Decisions: How Dissatisfaction at Work Can Help You Find Your Ideal Job

QUESTION: This economy is making me nervous. I have a reasonably stable job with half-decent benefits, but it’s by no means an ideal situation. I have been considering the security of a government job or going to the other end of the spectrum and starting my own business. What’s the right move?

Going from Hate to Great: Searching for a Job You Love Before You Lose Your Mind

QUESTION: I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with my current job and while I don’t hate it yet, I think it’s time to look elsewhere. But working full time and managing things at home leaves little room for a job search. What’s the best way to approach this?