Communications executive, author, speaker and columnist, whose expertise has been recognized by such outlets as The Wall Street Journal, CNN and The Washington Post, with more than 20 years of internal and external communications leadership experience. Strengths include marketing and public relations strategy and implementation; member/customer recruitment and retention; diverse audience engagement; 50+ market intelligence; social media strategy; non-profit management; market segmentation proficiency; and a unique talent for relating to people and leveraging human capital for the ultimate success of organizations and the real people who strive to serve them.




  • Developed a market segmentation approach that increased member engagement by 52% and consumer engagement by 131% in 8 months.
  • Launched a Women’s Initiative for a professional association to support women in a heavily male-dominated profession, thereby increasing female membership for the first time in nearly 30 years by 7% in 6 months.
  • Author of The Home Office Parent: How to Raise Kids & Profits under One Roof, ranked by The Wall Street Journal’s Small Business Guidebook as the #1 home office professional resource, and by as one of its Top 10 Hot New Releases.
  • Compelling collateral development experience, and powerful writing and editing skills, with a distinct talent for making market trends, business concepts, complex technologies and sensitive issues understandable to real people in real time.
  • Distinctive ability to coach entrepreneurs and staff through business or personal challenges, as well as strong team and project management proficiency, including the ability to generate enthusiasm, participation and support from individuals at all levels.
  • Frequently interviewed, national media resource for business management and growth, workplace issues and women’s topics.
  • Contributing author to two women’s business books: Inspirations to Realizations, Volume 3, about living In Business & In Balance™, and The Business Mom Guide Book: More Life, Less Overwhelm for Mom Entrepreneurs.





Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Develop and implement consumer-focused engagement initiatives. Promote the interests of the organization’s members with governmental entities, the media and the general public. Direct ongoing efforts to support women, 50+ consumers, and vulnerable investors, and promote overall financial literacy in the financial services marketplace. Board of Directors support, and ongoing member committee management. Directed successful website restructure as part of an overall market segmentation effort that incorporated resources by both topic and life-stage to grow into a more comprehensive and helpful resource; the expanded website and related efforts quadrupled both traffic and subscribers.


Director of Membership Marketing

Designed and implemented new campaigns and programs to recruit and retain members. Led a market segmentation initiative; and drove content and tactical strategic efforts. Launched a Women’s Initiative to support women in the heavily male-dominated local government profession. Introduced women’s programming at the annual conference and supported the member-driven Women’s Task Force, thereby increasing female membership for the first time in nearly 30 years by 7% in 6 months. Coached, mentored and monitored the work of marketing staff on cross functional teams, and led internal communications efforts.


Director of Communications

Promoted IMSA’s mission via internal and external communications. Managed all media relations; writing projects (articles, releases, talking points, consumer guides and other collateral); and messaging and branding initiatives. Sat on the Senior Executive Leadership Team and supported overall non-profit operations, including organizational planning, budgeting, staff and Board of Directors management, potential merger negotiations, and an eventual organizational wind-down in September, 2010.



From networking to not working, Just Ask Jen, a career management and work-life balance advice column, covered the variety of challenges faced by today’s professional and offered practical strategies for success. Primetime was a lifestyle column for readers age 55+ and older.


Communications Consultant

Founded and managed a virtual marketing communications firm for entrepreneurs and non-profits. Provided comprehensive marketing and PR services, including corporate identity/image development; brand management; newsletter programs; marketing/press materials; media outreach; web site development; e-books; webinars; e-marketing and coaching.


Communications Consultant

Engineered and executed marketing and public relations strategies to maintain and expand existing client and referral base. Obtained full licensure in all lines of insurance, and supported agency growth though boosting client relations and insurance sales.


PR Account Manager

Managed and wrote for a variety of client accounts, particularly those in the healthcare and financial communities. Created promotional materials, such as press releases, articles, and brochures, and advertising.




  • Loyola University Maryland: B.A. in English with a Communications minor
  • Katholieke Universite: Junior Year Abroad program in Leuven, Belgium




  • Women in Film & Video (WIFV) | Washington, DC
    • Board Member and Communications Lead
  • On Purpose Networking for Women | Columbia, MD
    • Howard County Meeting Leader
  • Advocate Safehouse Project | Glenwood Springs, CO
    • Domestic Violence Advocate
  • Habitat for Humanity | Aspen, CO
    • Founding Chapter Member & Communications Lead